Who we are

Friends of Sudan is a charitable organization that has been operating in Sudan since 2012, born from the will of Elena Valdata, an expert traveler and lover of Sudan, who decided to dedicate her time and commitment to this incredible land. After his prolonged, lasting and profound direct experience with the Sudanese people (which still continues!), he understood their needs and decided to actively commit to building together with them, solid foundations for the future.

Over the years, Friends of Sudan has obtained the support and help of Supporting Members, such as tourism entrepreneurs present in Sudan for many years, who have had (and still have) the opportunity to work closely with the Sudanese, offering them support and support . We also received help from people who simply decided to allocate their 5x1000 or contribute with donations, especially after knowing and understanding the context in which the association operates. This has allowed us to develop and complete several projects including the Tarabil school .

Our campaigns

Since the beginning of the current conflict on April 15, we have been helping hundreds of displaced people through food shelters and providing essential medical equipment, medicines and emergency supplies to war-torn hospitals. The latest data reveals 3.4 million internally displaced people, 1 million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries and thousands of dead and injured.

Through two campaigns ,Healing Hearts and Sudan Solidarity , we are raising funds to provide the aid needed for local organizations to continue their humanitarian work. Together with you, with the purchase of a photo and/or with a free donation, we can alleviate the suffering of innocent lives caught in the crossfire and bring hope to a nation that deserves peace and stability.

Our project partners