The exhibition

Of light and sand.
Suggestions from Ancient Nubia
by Camilla Ferrari

From 15/09 to 29/09 | Assab One for contemporary arts, Via private Assab 1, Milan

From Wednesday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm and Saturday by appointment | Free entry with Assab One card

The exhibition, curated by Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo and Sanni Agostinelli, presents the work of the visual artist Camilla Ferrari, who documented her journey to the territories of Sudan through a series of deeply evocative photographs and videos.

The new narrative shows the enchanting and complex beauty of Sudan, suspended between reality and dream, between light and shadow, between presence and absence. Ferrari photographed the territorial variety, interpreting it through his typical visual poetics, to return landscapes of the soul to the public. The lush green and deep blue of the Nile, the vast deserts, the infinite expanse of sand and sky that seems to melt into a single dreamlike vision. The artist also captured places of passage, restaurants for truckers, petrol stations, chai houses and markets, which become points of meeting, listening and meditation along the way.

The exhibition invites the public to discover the beauty and complexity of Sudan through the eyes of the artist, whose images move between poetry and reality, creating an emotional journey that ranges between fascinating places and an extraordinary history.
The exhibition was included in the Milano Photofestival 2023, the richest and most important Milanese event dedicated to art photography and one of the most relevant cultural events on the Italian scene.

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